Lamkin Grips


Old or worn grips could be adding three or four shots to your round!

Golf grips take a lot of abuse. The grip is the only part of the club you touch during the swing. Over time golf grips naturally wear out and deteriorate. Heat, dirt, perspiration and oils from your hands increase the rate of wear and tear on the grip. Not to mention extreme heat from storing clubs in your car boot and natural degradation from exposure to UV rays.  

Grips should be changed when they become smooth and shiny, start to crack or begin to fade and show wear. Generally it is recommended you should be re-gripping your clubs after a year or about 40 rounds. Putter grips are the most used club in the bag and yet the most overlooked. 

We hold Golf Pride and Lamkin grips in stock as well as putter grips Winn and Lamkin. Come into the shop and choose which grip is best for you, and we will replace your old grips here in store, included in the price of the grip you choose.

We are at your service for any kind of repairs to clubs such as regripping, reshafting, lengthening or shortening.

We are also able to repair, re-shaft or shorten golf clubs in our well-equipped workshop.