If you look good, you play good! We’re not sure who coined the phrase “you’re as good as what you wear” but we sure believe it!  Certainly it is worth investing in stylish, neat and comfortable golf clothes.

Shopping & Style Tips

When shopping for golf gear we suggest keeping these things in mind:

  • Look for moisture resistance. In the fabulous Algarve, fabrics that breathe, dry rapidly and wick away excess moisture are key.  Make note of the fabric composition, and choose garments made of moisture wicking, breathable and wrinkle resistant fabrics
  • Keep Movement in mind. If it looks great, but restricts your movement, forget it!
  • Comfort is Key. You will be on the course for a few hours, so it is essential your clothes are suited to you. If anything feels tight, itchy or uncomfortable, it will be 100 times worse at the end of your round
  • Wear only one garment in a bright or bold pattern
  • Pair golf pants and shorts with a belt that matches your shoes
  • Don’t be afraid to try something different. For example we have some gorgeous golf dresses in store for the ladies!


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